Field Services Software Made for Your Business

Cloud-based software that manages every aspect of your field service business – from the office to the field and everything in-between.

Streamline. Grow. Save.

Leverage the power of the cloud to streamline your operation, grow your revenue, and save time, money and headaches.

Grow Your Revenue

Improved communications, routing, and service operations means more time to grow and more bandwidth for new, paying clients.

Streamline Operations

Ditch the paperwork with automated communications & easily send out estimates and convert those to paid contracts.

Turn Estimates into Paying Customers & Contracts

Customizable Estimates

Line item details, notes, and pictures all able to be sent to your customer for approval and convert to a paid contract.

One-Click Acceptance

Our e-signature system allows for a one-click contract acceptance, taking your estimate from quote to cash.

How to Join the Beta

Field Lion is currently in beta. We’re working with a select group of field services companies willing to work with us to finalize the software build out, find any bugs so we can squash them, and have a voice in the creation of what we hope to be their most valuable tool.


Let Us Know

Fill out our Beta Form to let us know you’re interested.


Connect Your Account

We will set up your merchant services account or help you create a new one.


Training & Go Live!

We will walk you through creating customers, estimates, services, and the other software tools.

Powerful Features for Field Services Companies

Full CRM

Keep track of customers, notes, gate codes, multiple addresses, and more.

Integrated Payments

Integrate payments and even have customer wallets with multiple payment methods.

Go Paperless

Easily create estimates, send to your customer to acceptance and convert to contracts – all electronically.

Unlimited Users

There are no extra fees for extra users. We want you to customize your users they way you need – not to avoid silly fees.

Service Pricing

Protect your service pricing from misquoting by fixing prices or setting certain services to allow for variable pricing.

Cash Discount

Offer your customers two prices – one for card and one for cash – all automated so you can eliminate your processing fees.

Ready to see if you qualify to join our Beta?

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